Apricot whip

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Preparation Time : 30 minutes

Cooking Time : 15 minutes + 4 hours or more to set in the refrigerator .

Serving : 10 members


Apricot whip . A dessert that’s light , easy to make with very few ingredients ,high on taste and a strait forward recipe . The apricots add extra wickedness . This dessert is a perfect end to a meal And goes swiftly out of sight . The best apricots I have tasted till date are the ones that were shared with me by my class mate laila mehrabhi from Iran . They were long , finger length with a small seed inside . It was a light brown colour on the outer and a pale pink inside . The flavour of the sun was so dominating with a slight sourness and really sweet . Chewy and a taste bomb . I did try my luck to get similar apricots on my trip to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East but nothing near what laila shared with me . I guess , it tasted so delicious because I was given just one apricot and being in a boarding school you know our hunger and strong appetite for food . What ever my hunt has not come to a stop still ….


Apricots 200 grams
Milk1 cup
Sugar3/4 cup
Gelatine3 tablespoons
Warm water1/4 cup
Vanilla essence1 teaspoon


  1. Remove seeds from the apricots and boil them in 2 cups of water and cook to smooth . Cool and blend to a corse pulp . Add sugar and egg yolks . Cook on low heat mixing well for a few minutes not letting to boil .
  2. Add milk and vanilla essence . mix well and set aside . Soak gelatine in warm water and mix well till it dissolves completely . Mix into the apricot milk mixture . Beat the egg whites to stiff .
  3. Then carefully fold the egg whites into the apricot mixture . Pour into a pudding tray or bowl . Place in the refrigerator to set for four hours or more .
  4. ( Over night is better , in case you don’t have that much time , leave in the freezer for 3 hours , once set , place back into the refrigerator ) Serve chill .