Palazm Koolu

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Preparation Time : 15 minutes

Cooking Time : 10 minutes

Serving : 6 members


Palazm kachinathu or palazm koolu as we call it at home . This is a typical ravuthar dish from Palghat region . Both my grand mothers are experts in making this dish . It is usually served with arusi maavu rotti ( rice flour pathiri , recipe posted already ) or iddiappam . But can be had as it is as a payasam in the end of any meal


Ripe Kerala plantain4 cut into 2 inch thick circles
ghee2 tablespoons
thick coconut milk1 cup
very thin coconut milk 2 cups
sugarto taste
salta pinch
rice flour1 table spoon heaped


  1. Cook the Kerala plantain in thin coconut milk and salt .
  2. Cook till the plantains are soft but firm . Add sugar to taste and mix well .
  3. Dilute rice flour in the thick coconut milk .
  4. Pour over the cooked Kerala plantains and keep stirring in low flame till it gets to a thick flowing consistency .
  5. Make sure the coconut milk does not curdle . Add water if required , in case it is too thick . Taste and adjust . Remove from heat .
  6. Heat ghee add cinnamon and clove . Pour over the cooked plantains mixture and mix well .
  7. Serve hot with rice flour pathiri ,iddiappam or as a dessert as it is .