Orange cheese cake

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Preparation Time : 20 minutes

Cooking Time : 10 minutes + over night in the refrigerator to set

Serving : 8 members


Don’t remember from where I took note of this recipe . Tried it out and the gelatin I used was not enough to set the Cheese cake right so next time I used more and it was yummylishous . I first got to hear and know about cheese cakes when my kids were 2-4 years old from my sister fazeem . She had just returned from a long holiday in U . S. A . Cheese cake was one among the main stories that she shared about her trip ( as I mentioned before its her who inspired me in trying a hand in desserts ) the way she explains and talks about the desserts you sure will be tempted to eat and know more about it . But cheese cake , I was like we use cheese only for savoury dishes ….. Desserts with cheese . My mind set took a long time to take away the savoury tought of cheese . Give it a try and go cheeeeeeeeese .

Ingredients for crust 

Marie biscuit1 packet crushed
melted butter2 - 4 tablespoons
sugar2 tablespoons powdered

Ingredients for cheese cake

Egg yolk2
milkmaid1 tin
gelatin3 tablespoons
water1/4 cup
cream cheese or cheese spread150 grams
orange juice2 oranges
fresh cream 2 cups
egg whites2 beaten to stiff
rind of one orange

  1. Mix crushed biscuit , melted butter and powdered sugar together .
  2. Press down into a greased spring tin or pudding tray to cover the base . Refrigerate in freezer for 10 minutes .soak gelatine in water .
  3. Mix egg yolks with milkmaid and cook over medium heat in a double boiler .
  4. When the yolk mixture gets warm add the soaked gelatine and keep stirring till gelatine dissolves . Do not let the mixture boil .
  5. Remove from heat keep stirring and cool down . Mix cream cheese , orange juice , orange rind and fresh cream together .
  6. Add this mixture to the yolk mixture . Beat the egg whites to stiff . Fold the egg whites into the orange cheese mixture . Pour this mixture over the biscuit base .
  7. Chill for 2 hours in the freezer to set and place in the refrigerator over night .  Serve garnished with whipped cream and orange segments.