Erachi ularthathu

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Preparation time  : 30 minutes
Cooking time       : 20 minutes
Serves                 : 8 members


My carnivores son loves non vegetarian food. Him being a foodie, likes food that is cooked to perfection. His new fond dish is the Kerala style meat ularthiyathu with coconut bits in them. Hubby dear hates it when I make this dish, so I seldom make this dish. So he keeps bugging my mother in law asking her to cook and send over. Recently I made this and he was like,” mee – ( that’s how he calls me ), chellama’s ( my mother – law ) preparation was much better than your version. You know the rivalry in all homes to gain love treating your loved ones through food. Well that’s what creeped up into me now. I made sure to get the recipe from my mother – in – law and gave it a try again following her recipe religiously. Yet again the same comment from my boy with a grin. I looked at him and he’s like, I am kidding mom . This is yum. But I know he did mean what he told as there are a few dishes that we can not master like our elders do what so ever. This is one such. I guess the love she has over her grand son over powers through what she cooks.

Kerala style mutton / beef roast with coconut bits

Step 1

Ingredients to grind

Cinnamon2 inch piece
Coriander powder3 1/2 tablespoons
Dry red chillies 8
Pepper corns1 teaspoon
Cumin seeds1 tablespoon
Fennel seeds1 tablespoon
Coconut oil1 tablespoon

Method to grind

  • Heat coconut oil and sauté all the above ingredients separately until a good aroma arises making sure the ingredients do not burn . Cool completely and grind to a smooth paste.

Step 2 

Ingredients to pressure cook

Mutton or beef1 kg
Small onions1 cup chopped
Ginger paste1 teaspoon
Garlic paste1 teaspoon
Saltto taste
Vinegar1/2 cup
Curry leavesfew


  • Mix all the above ingredients together along with the ground masala paste. Pressure cook for four whistles or more until meat is cooked and tender.
  • Once the whistle sound subsides, open the lid and reduce the water in the mutton to a thick gravy consistency by boiling in high flame.

Step 3 

Ingredients to temper

Coconut oil5 tablespoons
Curry leavesfew
Dry red chillies4 torn
Coconut bits1/2 cup


  • Heat coconut oil. Add coconut bits and sauté to golden. Top with the torn dry red chilies and curry leaves.
  • Once they crackle. Pour the reduced mutton gravy over.
  • Mix well and bring to boil. Reduce the flame to low and roast the mutton further for another 15 minutes in low flame stirring in between every three minutes once.
  • Serve hot with any thing and every thing.