Chicken kofta biriyani

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Preparation Time : 35 minutes

Cooking Time : 40 minutes

Serving : 6 members


Chicken kofta biriyani . A recipe I came across in a cook book but can’t remember exactly where and when . At home hubby is very fussy about new styles or recipes of biriyani experimented . He sticks on to the old school cooking recipe of biriyani and pulao’s is a big no from his side . But my daughter ANISHA and my son – in – law Riyaz like a variety of biriyani’s ,pulao’s and not so regular dishes . Only in the recent have I started my kitchen experimenting with different types of biriyani’s and pulao’s . My first kofta biriyani i had was in tanjore . the koftas were made with mutton and were a bit firm . this recipe demands For chicken koftas And to be cooked in mutton stock . the chicken koftas are soft , Moist and burst with flavours . This kofta biriyani is absolutely rich , best had once in a year . ( or else you will be killed due to the fat content in the dish ) .the mild succulent flavours of the spices that is infused along with the Mutton  stock and is high lighted  with ghee and saffron . The rice is cooked in subtle clever flavoured combo of stock which elevate’s dum cooking . this is enough for us to abandon our doubts about taste . This dish lends a deep understanding of flavours as well as techniques and presentation . After all … One cannot think well , love well , sleep well , if one has not dined well … Isn’t it .


boneless chicken1/2 kg , ( blitz in a food processor with out adding water to a smooth paste )
green chilli chopped2 teaspoons
onions chopped3 big
ginger chopped1 inch piece
coriander chopped2 tablespoons
Bread crumbs2 tablespoons
Nutmeg powdera pinch
mace powdera pinch
mutton fat100 grams chopped
Chilli flakesto taste
Salt to taste
mutton stock1/2 litter ( made with pressure cooking mutton bones and fat with water and strained )
green cardamom8
black cardamom4
bay leaves5
cinnamon sticks3
cumin seeds1 teaspoon
deep fried brown onion1 cup
mint, chopped1 1/2 tablespoons
green chilliesas needed
slit / julienne10 or to taste
yogurt 2 cups
saffron1/2 teaspoon
fennel seeds (saunf)1 teaspoon
basmati rice, soaked400 grams
ghee1 cup
Fresh cream1 cup
milk 1/4 cup


  1. Add boneless chicken ,  chopped green chilli, onion, ginger, coriander, egg, bread crumbs , nutmeg powder, chilli flakes , mace powder, mutton fat , salt and mix well.
  2. In another pan, take the mutton stock. Add whole spices, ( cinnamon , cloves , green and brown cardamom , cumin seeds , fennel seeds and  bay leaf ) half of brown onion, mint, slit/ julienne green chillies and salt. Simmer till all the flavours infuse together .
  3. Make small balls with the chicken mince and blanch in the stock for half an hour In medium heat .Strain the chicken balls and  Keep aside.
  4. In the remaining stock, add yogurt, half the saffron, and salt.
  5. Simmer it nicely and add the soaked basmati rice. Cook for 10 -12 minutes .
  6. Add ghee, cream, milk, mint, remaining brown onion , blanched chicken balls and remaining saffron.
  7. Cook rice in dum . Serve hot with the onion raitha .