Rice Sheet Spring Rolls

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Preparation Time : 20 minutes

Cooking Time : 5 minutes

Serving : 8 members


Every time I go to the department stores any where . I take time and go around exploring all the things . If i have a little idea about what the product is, i buy it and experiment at home . That’s how I got to know about rice paper sheets . It is a Vietnamese dish . I saw the recipe in one of the tv channels and made it for my hubby’s cousin sister and her daughters . They loved it . I have made some changes from the original recipe according to the Indian taste buds .


Rice paper sheets4 ( soaked in salted water for a minute and lay them on a wet towel )
ice burg lettuce3
glass noodles1 cup boiled
carrot1 shredded
cucumber1 shredded
capsicum – green,red ,yellow1/2 each juliens
fish sauce1 teaspoon
lime juice1 teaspoon
soya sauce1 teaspoon
roasted peanuts1 teaspoon
shredded chicken1/4 cup
sliced omellet1/4 cup
chilli flakes1/4 tea spoon


  1. Lay the rice paper soaked in salted water for a minute on to a wet towel . The rice paper should be soft and flexible .
  2. Mix glass noodles , carrot , capsicums , cucumber and torn iceberg lettuce together . Set aside .
  3. Mix fish sauce , lime juice , soya sauce , chilli flakes , roasted peanuts together . Pour this dressing mixture over the mixed salad vegetables .
  4. Toss well and add chicken and omellet together . Pile this salad mixture onto the Center of the rice paper sheet length wise .
  5. Fold the sides first and then roll tightly as you do for spring rolls .

Spicy Dip

  1. Fish sauce – 1 teaspoon , lime juice – 1/2 teaspoon , red chillies -2 crushed . Mix all together . Pour into a small bowl .
  2. Cut the rice paper spring roll into 4 pieces .
  3. Serve with spicy dip and sweet chilli sauce .