Garlic murukku

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Preparation Time : 25 minutes

Cooking Time : 5-6 minutes for each batch deep fried

Serving : 4 members


Garlic Murukku . This was a kitchen experiment that my daughter ANISHA came up with . She is on a holiday at my place with out her hubby ( that’s the high light this holiday as its the rarest of rare’s  that I get her alone ) . The joy of having her here is  an OMG experience . I am making maximum use of our girl time together shopping , eating out , watching movies , cooking , gossiping …… ( the list is endless )we were both just talking about something and suddenly my daughter is like I feel like eating murukku’s . We just got into the kitchen and started of . The beauty of this recipe is that it comes together very quickly . My girl is so bossy in the kitchen and I don’t like it when people tell me what to do when I cook . But finally we came up with a flavour full Murukku with complexity of garlic that lends an added textural surprise . Murukku’s always bring a sense of ceremony attached to it with nostalgia . Summer holidays  were celebrated at my grand parents place in palghat with home made traditional nibbles filled in huge air tight containers , kept beside the dinning table . So we kids could eat them when ever we wanted as hunger has no time and can strike any where  especially when with cousins :-))

Ingredients for the dough

Rice flour1 1/2 cups , ( I used the normal iddiappam rice flour )
Oil1/4 cup for the flour + to deep fry
Water little to make a dough


Ingredients for Garlic paste

Garlic 2 cloves
Dry red chillies4
Curry leavesfew
Green Chillies2
Saltto taste


  1. Blend the garlic , dry red chillies , curry leaves , green chillies and salt together to a coarse paste , adding little water if required .
  2. Add this ground paste to the rice flour and mix well .Heat oil and add it to the rice flour mixture .
  3. Mix well adding very little water to get a dough consistency .
  4. Take little dough , fill into the murukku press and press over the hot oil .
  5. Deep fry till crisp and golden in colour . The hissing sound stops once the murukku’s are done .
  6. Drain and set aside for some time for the oil to drain and cool a bit . Do the same with the remaining dough .
  7. Keep stored in air tight containers and serve when required .