Instant Milk Kova

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Preparation Time : 1 minute

Cooking Time : 9 to 10 minutes

Serving : 4 members


We call it tharatti pal in Tamil . As a kid I have tasted milk kova ( pal kova ) , only after my marriage did I know there was something called tharatti pal . when I was newly married my in laws place they had cows at home . Milk , curd and butter milk was always around the house . tharatti pal is made from the milk of a cow which has delivered and the first milk is reduced to a grainy texture ,pale yellow colour adding sugar to taste . Very rerely we get to eat tharatti pal as we can prepar it only when a cow delivers . It was the time when microwaves were newly introduced in India . Knowledge about cooking or useing a microwave was nil then . There was a cooking work shop conducted in tirunelveli by mallika badrinath ( my favourite ) on microwave cooking . I did attend the class and this was the first dish she demonstrated to us . So easy and simple , ready in 10 minutes . I did share this recipe with my aunt nazeem , who did this in a cooking competition in tirupur and won the first prize . Now a days any time any day tharatti pal is made instantly at home when ever wanted .


Condensed Milk
1 tin  (  200 ml) 
Curd3 tablespoons
Ghee1 teaspoon


  1. Take a large microwave safe bowl. Pour in the condensed milk and curd . mix well.  microwave for two minutes . Take it out and mix well.
  2. Microwave for two more minutes . Take it out , add ghee and mix well . microwave for another six minutes .
  3. Making sure to remove the bowl out of the microwave oven to give it a good mix in every two minute interval  time .
  4. Once you get a grainy textured white mixture , milk kova is ready .
  5. Serve hot , warm , chill or at room temperature .


  1. Every microwave is different, so keep an eye on it and always mix it at regular interval of two minutes.
  2. Make sure not to burn the kova as we have to get a pale yellowish white grainy mixture once done.
  3. As the kova cools it will thicken a lot more, So adjust the timing accordingly.