Fruit Sandesh

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Preparation time   : 30 minutes
Cooking time        : nil
Serves                  : 4 members


Panner ( ricotta cheese ) is one ingredient that I got to know of very late as a kid. I remember eating palak panner in a restaurant for the first time when I was in the fourth standard in ooty. Not knowing what it is made of and tasted like nothing actually. I was in a confused state of mind then. From then on it was just another ingredient to me that is used in savoury dishes. The first time I got to see trala dalal use panner to make cheese cake.. my head did spin thinking yuk panner in a dessert. Wonder how it would taste. Finally I did end up following trala dalals vegetarian method of making a cheese cake with panner. My myth of panner is used just for making savoury things was thrown into the bins. Now I try to make a lot of deserts with panner and this is one such try that I did with tinned mixed fruits. This dessert should be had with in a day or two of making. With no cooking required, this is my go to recipe most of the time. I make the same with the fruits of the season for filling like stewed Apple’s or pineapples .
Try this dessert this Diwali season and entertain your loved ones with zing.

Fruit  Sandesh


Panner ( ricotta cheese )200 grams
Powdered sugar5 tablespoons
Milk2 teaspoon ( optional , add only if the panner is too dry )
Rose essenceone drop

Ingredients for the fruit filling

Tinned fruit1 tin drained
Saffrona pinch


  • Mix drained mixed fruits with rose essence and saffron.  keep aside.
  • Crumble the panner and add the sugar powder. Mix well. If dry add milk it’s optional. Knead well together. Roll into lemon size balls.
  • Flatten each ball to Palm size . Place a teaspoon of mixed fruit in the centre. Bring the flattened panner edges towards the centre and close the fruits and roll to a log shape of finger size. Do the same to all the panner dough and fruits mix.
  • Place in the refrigerator until needed to be served. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve chilled.