No oil healthy salad

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Preparation Time : 20 minutes

Cooking Time : 20 minutes to boil soya beans

Serving : 4 members


No oil healthy dressing salad . I am on a DIET …. Every time I say this , I cheat myself to the core . A foodie like me just can’t stick on to healthy food habits . Two days back my best buddy gazeena sulu kunahamed had posted a picture of herself and Sindhu Krishna ( my other best buddy , we are a trio of three hard to pull apart best friends from school ) this picture was a recent picture taken on Sindhu’s visit to sulu’s place . Both of them looked OMG glamorously gorgeous and THIN . I just shook myself up and made up my mind to shed off some weight which has resulted me to try my hands on healthy dishes that taste good too . Healthy + good taste are two words that are far apart from one another . So , I am on a wild goose chase in search for real healthy tasty food . Mindful eating is clearly the buzz word for now . But that doesn’t mean having to grudgingly pile on austere , flavor- less food on your plate . this salad was a lip smacking healthy , nutritious and a delicious one That has ‘ eat me now ‘ written all over it . I licked the entire bowl myself that was hearty and filling . The creaminess of the almonds along with a nutty punch and the sweetness of dates made for a lovely combination enhancing the simplicity of the dish . This salad is uncomplicated and is ready in less than twenty minutes . This dish did make me realize that making healthy choices that count to swap a few ingredient combination results in refreshing and nutritious way to tickle your taste buds .

Ingredients for dressing

Pitted Dates3
White sesame seeds 1 teaspoon
Boiled soya beans 1 teaspoon ( I use 1 tablespoon soya milk instead at times )
Gingera very small tiny bit ( 1/2 of 1/4 teaspoon grated )
Garlic1 small flake
Saltto taste
Water just enough to grind ( when using milk avoid water )

Method for dressing

  1. Grind  all the ingredients together to a smooth paste and set aside .

Other Ingredients

Carrot1 chopped
Red , green and yellow capsicum
1/4 of each chopped
Green Apple or red apple1/4 chopped
Tomato1/4 chopped
Chinese cabbage1 leaf chopped


  1. Mix all the ingredients together . Add the ground dressing and toss well .Keep in the refrigerator and serve chill .