Katharikai katta

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Preparation Time : 5 minutes

Cooking Time : 25 to 30 members

Serving : 6 to 8 members


A tasty , tangy , hot and sweet dish served as a side dish for biriyani in the ravuthar community of Tamil Nadu . Deepa Almaz requested me to post the recipe but my hubby’s place they serve a similar dish called ennai katharikai . I know to prepare the ennai katharikai dish not the katharikai katta . I very vaguely remembered going through the recipe of katharikai katta from my friend fathimas mother – in – laws from salem (meher amma ) hand written recipe book ( which I had taken a xerox of the entire book ) . I tried it out and it was tasteing exactelly as served at the weddings . One of the best treasures I own to date is the hand written xerox of Mehar ammas recipe book . It is filled with all authentic dishes which are fading away .


To dry roast and grind to a smooth paste – mustard seeds 3/4 teaspoon
cumin seed3/4 teaspoon
fenugreek seeds1/4 teaspoon
pepper corns 3/4 teaspoon
sesame seeds 3/4 teaspoon

Ingredients for Main Dish

Small onion15 crushed
ginger1 /2 inch piece crushed
garlic5 flakes crushed
brinjals12 whole slit at the into 4
gingily oil1/2 cup
coriander powder1 tablespoon
chilli powder2 teaspoons
turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon
saltto taste
tamarind pulp1/2 cup
jaggery1 teaspoon


  1. Heat a non stick pan with oil in it . Add 1/2 of the crushed small onions , ginger and garlic .
  2. Top with half of the ground masala and add the brinjals . Fry till the colour of the brinjal changed and becomes a bit soft for about 10 minutes .
  3. Add the other 1/2 of crushed things and the ground masala . Stir well , top with coriander powder , chilli powder , turmeric powder and salt to taste .
  4. Sauté for 2 minutes adding the tamarind pulp and very little water just enough to cook the brinjal and to get a thick flowing gravy .
  5. Simmer and cook till oil floats on top and brinjals are soft and cooked through . Add the jaggery finally , mix well . Taste and adjust .
  6. Serve hot with biriyani .