Easy chocolate biscuit pudding

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Preparation Time : 10 minutes

Cooking Time : Nil , 8 hours or over night in the freezer to set

Serving : 8 members


The first dish I taught my daughter ANISHA to prepare when she was in the 7 th standard . Any guests coming home , me a bit lazy . I used to ask her to make this pudding . Work done and she would be poured with compliments as well . Even till date she makes this pudding very often . ANISHA prepared this pudding and took over to my aunts place ( meher chachi ) when my sister fazeem and nephews dyad and aniq had visited India for their holidays at our family get together . She was once again as usual poured with compliments . Happy cooking to all from this new year , start it with a sweet easy pudding .


Chocolate cream biscuits 2 small packets ( I use Bourbon biscuits )
fresh cream ( amul cream )250 ml
sugar2 cups
vanilla essence few drops
chopped cashew nuts1/4 cup ( can use any other nuts )
chocolate grated 1 cup


  1. Take a small tin which has a tight lid . Line it with foil paper on the base and sides to lift the pudding out once set .
  2. Break the biscuits into 1 inch pieces . Whip cream with sugar and vanilla essence .
  3. Arrange one layer of broken biscuits at the bottom of tin , pour little cream on top just to cover the biscuit layer . Sprinkle little nuts .
  4. Repeat the layers and end up with cream layer on top . Grate the chocolate finally over the cream and decorate .
  5. Close with the lid and keep in the freezer to set for about 8 hours or more .
  6. Take out the set pudding by lifting the foil paper up and cut into small squares .
  7. Serve immediately with vanilla ice cream or as it is . Keep the pudding always in the freezer closed with a lid .