Arisi maavu Rotti

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Preparation Time : 10 minutes

Cooking Time : 3 minutes

Serving : 6 to 8 members


That is how we call it in my moms place . This dish is an authentic dish very own to the Muslim speaking Tamils who hail from Palghat And Coimbatore region . In Malayalam the same dish is known as ari pathiri or just pathiri . I remember my grand mom ( dads mom balkees perima ) used to tell me that at her times of being young any one wanting a girl to be married to their family would be asked 3 questions. One if they finished reading the holy Quran , two , do they pray five times a day and third Do you know to make arusi maavu rotti ? This dish is that important to the Muslims of the Palghat , Coimbatore region . Thank god I got married to a Tamil family because I didn’t know how to make pathiri till very recently . I made it a point to learn as I love the dish and didn’t want the dish to fade away from my daily cooking .


Rice flour 2 cups( heaped , 350 gm )
saltto taste
water2 1/2 cups

 Rice flour is the flour you use to make ediappams with  .


  1. Heat water with salt to taste in a heavy bottomed vessel .
  2. Once it boils , reduce the heat and pour the rice flour as one lump in the Center of the boiling water .
  3. Insert a ladle in the middle , close with a lid and cook in reduced flame for 5 minutes . Remove from fire and mix quickly with the ladle .
  4. Make a smooth dough by wetting your hands in water as the dough will be hot . Make small tomato size balls and roll flat thin chapathis using rice flour powder .
  5. Heat a tawa , place the pathiri wait for 20 seconds turn over , wait for another 20 seconds then turn over again . The pathiri will puff .
  6. Remove and apply ghee lightly on one side . Do the same with all the rice flour balls .
  7. Serve hot with any non veg gravy.