Mars cornflakes crackle bites

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Preparation Time : 10 minutes

Cooking Time : 10 -15 minutes

Serving : 6 – 8 members


Mars cornflakes crackle bites . A really simple four ingredient wonder recipe that I came across in UAE food guild which can be made with effortless ease . Wanted to give it a try immediately but as eid ul azha was to come in a few days , saved it for later and to be celebrated on that day . This was done in a jiffy  of 20 minutes . Served it to my hubby’s niece azrin and nephew ahraf . They were like from where did you buy it and just didn’t want to believe that I made These cute , little   party nibbles . This drool worthy dessert will feed a crowd in fine fashion . have a few left , ( even after we all almost had a few after every meal ) that’s been packed for my girl ANISHA ( who is a chocoholic ) can’t wait to get her verdict on this sweet culprit that is a complete seduction to all your Senses :-)) .


Mars chocolate bars(200 grams ) 4 pieces chopped
Butter50 grams
Cornflakes2 cups
Almond flakes or chopped 1/4 cup
Cup cake paper moulds few


  1. In a non stick pan melt butter and mars chocolate chunks and melt to get a nice , gooey sauce consistency in medium heat .
  2. Then add the cornflakes and almond flakes . Mix well .
  3. With the help of teaspoon drop 2 teaspoons of this mixture into a greased cup cake paper mould and chill it in fridge for 15 mins only . .If u chill for more time , it becomes like eclairs hard..not crispy crunchy .
  4. Later u can store all in a air tight glass container.


  1. Those who want kids to eat walnuts you can dip walnuts or whole almonds in this sauce….kids will  love it too…