Apple and Banana Flitters with Home made Custard

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Preparation Time : 10 minutes

Cooking Time : 5 minutes to deep fry +8 to  10 minutes for home made custard sauce.

Serving : 6 members


Apple And banana flitters with home made custard . You can use any fruit of the season like pineapple , lychee …. It was raining and cold . Had guests For lunch .wanted to serve them dessert after the meal but not a cold one as it was very cold . Went through my recipe book and got this recipe . Made it and was a big hit . I don’t remember whose recipe this is must be vicky ratnanis or Sanjeev kapoors .happy bites to all .


Apples 1 big ( cored and cut into rings )
banana 1 diagonally sliced
flour150 gm
sugar5 gm
yeast2 gm
cornflour150 gm
water120 ml
oil to deep fry

For home made custard

Cream 250 gm
sugar50 gm
egg yolk1
venilla essencefew drops
cornflour1/2 tea spoon diluted in 1/4 tea spoon water

Method for Flitters

  1. Cut the apple rings to 1/2 inch thick rings . Soak apple rings and bananas cut in lime juice to prevent oxidation .
  2. Mix yeast in water and sugar , let it rest for a while .  Add the flour and cornflour with some water and whisk well to form a thick batter .
  3. Let it rest for 6 or more minutes till the batter rises . Coat the apples and bananas first in some flour and then dip in the batter And deep fry till golden brown in color .
  4. Drain and serve immediately with home made custard.

Method for home made Custard sauce

  1. Boil cream , sugar and vanilla essence together on low flame .
  2. Add the beaten egg yolk and keep stiring to make sure the yolk does not curdle .Cook till a thick sauce is formed .
  3. Add the diluted cornflour and cook for 5 more minutes .
  4. Remove from heat , strain. And cool . Serve with flitters .