Lychee pudding

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Preparation Time : 10 minutes

Cooking Time : 10 minutes + 1 hour in the freezer to set

Serving : 6 members


Lychee pudding . This dessert just came to my mind instantly when my daughter wanted to prepare a dessert that would go well with a Chinese menu .She did as I mentioned and it was really nice but it was a bit bland as the sugar constant was less. We had to pour lychee syrup on top of each serving to make it taste good. So i have made some changes from what i told her that will work out well.


condensed milk1 tin
milk1 tin to the measurement of the condensed milk tin
lychee tinned1 tin
china grass15 grams
lychee juice1 tin to the measurement of the condensed milk tin
sugarto taste


  1. Open the tinned lychee tin and strain the lychees , reserving the syrup from the tin .
  2. Soak china grass in the reserved syrup and set aside for 10 minutes .
  3. Boil milk , add the soaked china grass and cook till the china grass has dissolved completely for about 10 minutes in medium heat .
  4. Add lychee juice and condensed milk and mix well . Taste and add sugar if needed. Strain the mixture into a dessert tray or individual bowls . Let it cool down to room temperature .
  5. Top with the strained lychees . Keep in the freezer for an hour to set . Remove and keep in the refrigerator till needed to be served .
  6. Serve chill .