Vermicelli Biriyani

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Preparation Time : 30 minutes

Cooking Time : 35 minutes

Serving : 6 to 8 members


We call it semiya biriyani . This is an authentic dish from the Tamil speaking Muslims who are addressed as rawvthars . Both my grandmoms and my mom are perfect in preparing this dish . I remember my grandmom ( dads mom ) balkees perima used to make this in a huge vessel for us in at least 10 to 12 kg of meat . As we cousins only were 29 members . Recently I made this for my friend Sindhu and her daughters . The gals went bonkers over the samiya biriyani . She got the recipe from me as her second daughter oozy wanted samiya biriyani for her birthday . My sons favourite dish and it has to be made by my mom for sure .


Mutton or chicken3/4 kg
fried vermicelli600 gm ( better if we fry in ghee to golden brown in colour )
ginger garlic paste2 table spoon
onion5 sliced
tomato4 big chopped
coriander leaves4 table spoon chopped
mint leaves3 table spoon
green chillies6 slit
curd1 cup
small onionsone hand crushed
cinnamon stick5 pieces
ghee1 1/4 cup ( can mix oil with ghee instead of useing ghee alone )
chilli powder1 1/2 table spoon ( add to taste as I prefer the spicy version )
lime1/2 juice
water (ratio)Measure  vermicelli  and add water equal to the measurement of the vermicelli


  1. Heat ghee adding cinnamon , cloves , cardamom with onions .fry onions to dark brown in colour .
  2. Add crushed small onion, green chillies , ginger garlic paste to brown.
  3. Top with tomato , mint , coriander leaves , curd , salt to taste , meat and chilli powder . Stir well till it forms a thick gravy.
  4. Pour measured water to cook the meat . Once cooked add lime juice.
  5. Taste and adjust.
  6. Bring to boil and add vermicelli . Once the vermicelli is half cooked and water has reduced Lower the flame and keep in dum for 5 to 8 minutes . The vermicelli biriyani is ready.
  7. Serve hot with onion Raitha.


At times curd added might give a lot of gravy out before adding water to cook the meat . In that case , just reduce 1 cup of water and cook the meat . Add the fried vermicelli and you find the water is not enough , boil the one cup of water and add as required.