Tandoori fish

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Tandoori fish

Preparation Time : 4 hours

Cooking Time :10 to 12 minutes

Serving : 6 members


With the healthy bug on a high at home , the kitchen is on full swing experimenting healthy recipes to bring about smiles in the dining table as usual . A hard task to crack with majority of the trials resulting in the bin and by fluke at times it gets on to the dining table . To add upon this I had to cook some thing with fish that has to be healthy , tasty and looks appealing to the eyes as well . Broke my head and then suddenly the bulb moment happened in mind that grilling is healthy . What a relief it was but to be on the safer side just stuck to a known recipe . So my age old tandoori chicken recipe that is succulent , mildly spiced , grilled and the best known dish in the entire Indian cuisine came handy but with a twist of using fish instead of chicken . Cut down all the ingredients to 1/2 the amount that I usually use for chicken and added a little bit of onion seeds to take away the fishy smell . Went ahead and the out come was lip smacking good with a seasoning help of onion seeds to bring out the unique flavours of this dish which when served was empty in seconds . This can be served as a starter as part of a large festive meal or as part of a tandoori platter mixed with other grilled meats like in leading restaurants . Was so very happy about this dish and thrilled about the fact that these sort of sumptuous dishes can easily be made in a modern home kitchen that I shared the picture with my friends and cousins . My best buddy Gazeena sulu kunahmed liked the crockery used and called me immediately to ask from where I got it . I have promised her to get her a similar serving platter set on my next visit to her place . Surprised about how much can two souls share in common :-)) as even I get weak in the knees seeing such lovely crockery and traditional kitchen wear .


Boneless fish1/2 kg ( sheer with out skin and bones )
Butter for basting2 tablespoons
Chaat masala powder1/2 teaspoon
Cream1 teaspoon
Garlic paste1/4 teaspoon
Ginger paste1/4 teaspoon
Lemon juice 1 teaspoon
Red chilli powder1 teaspoon or to taste
Saltto taste

Ingredients for First marination

Cumin powder 1 teaspoon
Garam masala powder1/2 teaspoon
Ginger paste1/4 teaspoon
Garlic paste1/4 teaspoon
Lemon juice1 tablespoon
Oil1/ 4 teaspoon
Red chilli powder1/2 teaspoon or to taste
Saffrona pinch
Hung curd1/2 cup
Kalongi ( onion seeds or omam in Tamil )1/4 teaspoon


  1. Mix salt , red chilli powder , ginger garlic paste and lemon juice . Rub this paste over the cleaned fish and set aside for 30 minutes .
  2. Whisk hung curd in a large bowl , add all the ingredients for marinade together .
  3. Add this marinade to the fish and mix well . Set aside to marinade for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator .
  4. Preheat oven to 175 degree Celsius .
  5. Skewer each piece of marinated fish leaving a gap of 1/4 inch between each piece . Keep a tray underneath to collect the excess drippings .
  6. Roast for approximately for 6 -8 minutes or until cooked in the pre heated oven . Baste with butter and roast for another 3 minutes .

To serve

  1. Remove the fish from the skewers , arrange on a platter . Sprinkle chat masala powder and cream ( I avoided the cream ) .
  2. Garnish with onion rings and lemon wedges . Compliment with raitha or a fresh salad .