Chicken club sandwhich

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Chicken club sandwhich

Preparation Time : 20 minutes

Cooking Time : 10 minutes

Serving : 4 members


There is a small eat out near our house here in tirunelveli called pizza port , where all the medical collage students eat and hang around . The continental menu there is really yum . Specially the club sandwhich is the best . I tried making it at home taking note of what was in to my taste buds and it did turn out well .


Sandwhich bread slices6
butter2 table spoon
mayonnaise1 tea spoon
bone less chicken Breast1 ( cooked with ginger, garlic paste -1/4 tea spoon and salt to taste ) shredded
cheese slice2
chilli flakes1/4 tea spoon
bulls eye omelette2
cucumber slices2
tomato slices2
onion2 slices
pepper and saltto taste


  1. Mix cooked shredded chicken with chilli flakes , pepper powder and salt to taste . Set aside .
  2. Take 2 slices of bread apply butter on one side on each beard slice . Place one cucumber slice , one tomato slice and one onion slice on each slice . Season with salt and pepper to taste .
  3. Apply mayonnaise to two slices of bread on one side each . Place on top of the vegetable slices . Press lightly .
  4. Place the chicken mixture over the bread slice . Top with cheese slice . Cover with a bread slice .
  5. Apply butter on top . Top with bulls eye omelet cover with another buttered bread slice .
  6. Toast these sandwiches in a sandwich grill , dotting butter below and top of the sandwich Till crisp and toasted well .
  7. Cut the grilled sandwiches into two to get triangles . Serve hot with tomato ketchup and potato chips.