pineapple peel wine

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Preparation Time : 20 minutes + 21 days

Cooking Time      : nil

Serving               : 4 members


Wine has always mesmerised me as a kid wondering what it would taste like to the colour and smell of it. Studying in a Christian  boarding school, I used to attend the mass every Sunday as I was in the school choir. Seeing others have round corn chips dipped in to wine, made me wonder even more. I used to ask all my fellow Christian mates about the taste. Our head mistress mrs. Elsama Thomas would make wine at home and have seen her serve it to some staffs as well. All I knew was wine was made from grapes and has a deep redish thick purple colour. Later when my class mate Liju told me he had pineapple wine in Germany  on a holiday which was deep golden yellow in colour. I just fell for the way he described it to me. My crazy little mind just stored this for keeps.. Not sure why ? A few months Back I came across a recipe of home made pineapple wine in – cooking is easy. A blog that I have been following for quite some time. I jumped up with joy and gave a try to the recipe. Waited for nearly a month to see the results and as Liju had described to me it had a deep golden yellow colour . As we are not supposed to have wine for religious reasons , I packed the wine for my moms friend suganthi aunties family. As I was packing it, gave 1/4 glass to my live in help to taste and let me know about the wine . She happily drank it and said it had a fruity flavour and was sweet. As she was finishing the wine she told me she was feeling a bit dizzy. I laughed it off thinking a home made wine can’t get you toxic and that too .. one made by me . Poor thing she really did mean it as she dozed off to sleep in a few minutes and woke up late night by eleven . I still have my doubts if she played a prank over me for some extra rest :-)). The wine did reach suganthi aunty and their entire family enjoyed the wine. Aunty did let me know that it was quite toxic but the flavours and colour was addictive. Well the golden oldie drink did make a mark. From playing an integral part in religious rituals to being hailed as an elixir, wine has enjoyed its glory days from a thousand years before. But is it really as virtuous as its touted to be ?? Still keeps me questioned about ??


Pineapple skin of 2 pineapples
Pineapple slices 2-4 chopped
Water 1 1/2 cup
Sugar1 3/4 cup
Beaten egg white 1
Dry Ginger / chukku-1 tablespoon crushed
Cinnamon 2 sticks
Yeast1/2 teaspoon


  1. In a ceramic jar, put all the ingredients one after the other . Mix with a wooden spatula.
  2. close with the lid. Cover the lid with a piece of cloth and tie it tightly with a string.
  3. place the jar in a dark place for 10 days . The next 11 th day , strain the wine.
  4. pour into a clean sun dried bottles and place in a dark place for another 21 days to mature.
  5. In case you can’t wait, have it after five days of bottling.