Raw mango mixture

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Preparation time : 8 minutes
Cooking time      : nil
Serves                : 3 members


Growing up with a lot of cousins, aunt’s and relatives around. We were fed with home made stuff from scratch. No matter what time of the day or night it was. Those days of no access to fast food or dial for take away. The hungry kids ( that’s around 29 of us in all age groups ) were always served with some thing to munch on that was made then and there. Most of the time it was this raw mango mixture recipe that used to be made right in front of our eyes. As it’s being chopped, the un patient us would grab a hand full and have a taste. The mangoes were mostly plucked from the trees by a senior cousin. The minute it’s ready, we all would just want to grab our share. The lucky person who gets hold of the bowl is chased around for a spoon full. All of us would go umm and ahh with it in our mouth. Our eyes would close automatically with the sourness from the raw mangoes hitting at the right spot. Every thing crystal clear till date with in me. Hot summer carefree days with all of us keeping ourselves busy playing around, climbing trees, ludo, snake and ladder, hide and seek, dark room, trade… Making joyous memories out of the little that was left for us to explore. I am so happy I was born in that ear of no wifi, Internet, mobiles and computers. We knew nothing but still felt so content and happy with the little we had. I am sure each one of you reading this who survived the golden ear ( 1978 to 1989 ) I am talking about would agree.  My heart is pumped with joy now filled with nostalgia hitting me hard. How I wish, I could just rewind the days and go back to those fun filled cherish able days. Well all I am left to do now is take a deep breath and feel blessed for having gone through such a good childhood.

Raw mango mixture

Raw mangoes2 chopped with skin
Saltto taste
Red chilly power 1/2 teaspoon or to taste
Coconut oil1 teaspoon


  • Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy.