Onion ragi roti

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Preparation Time : 15 minutes

Cooking Time : 3 minutes for each roti

Serving : 2 members


Ragi in one ingredient that I thought was meant only for babies . As at home all babies are fed with a ragi porridge after 40 days in the evening by 6 , so their stomach is full and don’t disturb others around much in the nights . I did the same with my kids as well . So eating the left over porridge was the only thing that I did with ragi for decades ( as a kid to a grown up version of myself ) until one fine day tasted a ragi roti at moms place that was moist , soft , dark brown in colour and yum .   You could eat the roti on its own with out any sides . Found out the rotis were sent by karishma ( moms friend ) . Stored it in my mind and gave it a try at home for lunch . The rotis resulted perfect like what karishma had sent over . Happy me , as I found a new way experimenting using our local produce and added an unusual ingredient in my kitchen cupboard . I strongly feel it’s important to eat ethically , to consume food prepared using locally picked , high – quality organic produce


Ragi flour 1 cup
Onion1 chopped
Green chillies3 chopped
Gingersmall piece grated
Saltto taste
Oil 2 teaspoons
Hot water for the dough


1 . Add salt , oil , onion , green chillies and grated ginger to the ragi flour .
2 , Knead to a soft loose dough using enough hot water and use immediately .
3 , Roll the dough into equal 5 balls and spread each ball on a greased plantain leaf or wet cloth to 1/4 inch thick round discs .
4 , Place over a hot griddle / tawa and carefully remove the leaf or cloth
5 , Add oil around and cook well turning both sides .
6 , Serve with curd and onion chutney .