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Preparation Time : 10 minutes

Cooking Time : 40 minutes

Serving : 6 members


A malabar authentic sweet dish . My favourite cuisine is malabar cuisine . From my childhood days have heard a lot about malabar cuisine And did get to taste and eat a lot as well from my friend gazeena sulu kunahameds home .( packed from her home to boarding school after holidays ) but my quest to gain knowledge about the malabar cuisine happened very recently after I got into food blogging . I took note of so many recipes from my most liked food pages I follow from the net . This recipe is also one among them . I think this is from yummy , yummy to the tummy . Tried it out when my gal was here . It was yum . ( I finished 3/4 of the entire kayapola . )


Kerala plantain ( nentharam pazlam )4 sliced
Milk1 cup
Oil or ghee to fry the bananas + 1 tablespoon
Sugar to taste
Egg 1
Cardamom2 crushed
Rose water1 teaspoon


  1. Shallow fry the sliced banana pieces in oil or ghee to brown and set aside . Beat milk , eggs , cardamom crushed , sugar and rose water together .
  2. Grease a non stick small pan with 1 tablespoon ghee . Layer the base with fried banana slices , pour half the amount aof the milk egg mixture .
  3. Cover and cook in very low flame for 15 minutes until egg mixture gets dried up . Make sure not to burn the bottom .
  4. Turn the side and pour the other half of the egg milk mixture and cook for another 15 minutes in low flame till egg mixture is dried up .
  5. Remove to a serving plate , cut and serve hot .