Herb crusted vegetable sandwich

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Preparation Time : 1/2 an hour

Cooking Time : 10 minutes for the vegetable filling + 2 minutes for toasting the sandwiches

Serving :


Herb Crusted vegetable sandwich .This recipe is vicky ratnanis but i have made my twists and turns to my liking. The first time i tried this sandwich , i made just 2 not sure if it would taste good. My hubby loved it so much that he wanted more. Anything related to bread my mind gets rewinded to good shephered public school as we were served freshly baked bread twice a week for breakfast. The air filled with the aroma while baking bread is better than eating bread. Any one who has not experienced it yet is surely missing out the best in life. We were served bread with a pineapple jam made in school or an egg curry for breakfast.Saturday night bread was served with a beef and potato curry. My classmate madhavi from tirupathi used to bring red hot andhra home made tomato pickle. Sindhu , sulu (my best buddies) and myself used to hide bread slices inside our sweaters and run to our dom to have a sandwich made with madhavis tomato pickle. Life was filled with sweet nothing’s back then.


white bread4 slices
Wheat bread 2 slices
Mixed vegetables 1 cup chopped ( carrots , beans , capsicum , green pease , cabbage , cauliflower )
Stock cube 1 ( I used maggi stock cube )
Mayonnaise 3 tablespoons
Tomato sauce3 tablespoons
Cheese slice 2
Spring onions 1 bunch (2 whole ) chopped with greens
Coriander leaves with stem1/2 bunch chopped
Green chillies1 chopped
Garlic1 flake
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Oil to shallow fry


  1. Heat 1/2 teaspoon oil in a non stick pan , fry the mixed vegetables till half cooked adding the stock cube . Remove and set aside .
  2. Grind chopped spring onion , coriander leaves, garlic and green chilli together to a coarse paste .
  3. Add the paste to 2 eggs along with salt and pepper to taste . Beat well and set aside . Mix mayonnaise and tomato sauce together .
  4. Apply mayonnaise mix on all the bread slices on one side . Place 1 white bread slice , top it with a wheat bread slice . Spread the vegetable mixture over the wheat bread slice and top it with a cheese slices .
  5. Cover with another white bread slice . Do the same with the remaining breads and mixed vegetables .
  6. Heat a tawa with oil to shallow fry . Dip and coat the sandwhich carefully into the egg herb mixture making sure all the sides are coated well and shallow fry the sandwhich to golden colour on all sides .
  7. Cut into stripes and serve hot with tomato sauce . Health fanatics can avoid the cheese slice , use just the egg whites instead of whole eggs and use light mayonnaise .