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Preparation Time : 35 minutes

Cooking Time : 10-12 minutes

Serving : 4-6 members


Momo’s . A steamed nibble very own to Tibet . I got to know about this delicacy only a few years back . My first try with this dish was a big disaster . After that I just didn’t want to try it at home , instead preferred eating out . The best momo’s I have had are at ooty in a small stall just out side modern department stores . My friends Sindhu , her four girls and sulu along with her school friends sai vidya naveen and Thelma just gobbled up the entire stock in the tiny stall . The following month I happened to go with my cousins to the same place but it didn’t taste as good as when with friends . Guess the girl power worked then . These momo’s were done under the watch full eyes of a Tibetian  girl anandhitha who helped me out with her mothers recipe . It worked perfect except that I was very slow in folding the petals . ( Practice … practice  .. practice  and only practice  can perfect any task ) Anandhitha was so fast looked as if she had magic in her hands . So the perfect looking momo’s were done by anandhitha and the not so perfect ones were of course done by me the great :-)) Another not deep fried nibble apt to be had while breaking your fast . All the best folks in advance for the petal folding part .

Ingredients for dough

Flour / maida4 cups
Oil 1 tablespoon
Waterenough to knead to get a dough
Salta pinch

Method for dough

  1. Mix all the above mentioned ingredients together to get a smooth dough .
  2. Set aside covered for half an hour .

Filling ingredients

Ground raw boneless chicken1/4 kg ( grind with out water )
Carrot1 shredded
Beans 4 chopped thinly
Cabbage1/4 cup shredded
Spring onion 1 stalk chopped
Ginger1 teaspoon grated
Garlic 4 flakes minced
Green chillies to taste minced
Pepper powder to taste
Salt to taste

Method for filling

  1. Mix all the ingredients mentioned above for the filling together .
  2. Add seasoning to taste and combine well .
  3. Set aside covered in the refrigerator for one hour letting all the flavours infuse together .

Method to assemble

  1. Knead the prepared dough once again . Roll  one inch balls out of the dough .Take one ball and roll between your palms to a spherical shape . Dust work counter/board with flour .
  2. Flatten a ball on the dusted flour place to a 2 inch circle with the help of your palms . Do the same with all the dough balls and set aside covered with a bowl so that they don’t dry out .
  3. Use a rolling pin and roll out each of the flattened circles to get wrappers of three inch diameter in circular shape .
  4. Make sure the middle of the wrappers are slightly thicker than the edges so that you get well executed wrappers that seal the filling well .
  5. Do the same with all the flattened dough and keep covered making sure they do not dry out .
  6. Hold rolled wrapper on one palm , place one tablespoon filling mixture in the middle and with the other hand bring all the edges together to the Center , making petals . Pinch and twist the petals to ensure the filling is packed inside perfectly .
  7. Heat a greased bamboo steamer ( or use your iddli steamer that is greased properly . ) with water and  3 ripe tomatoes  in the bottom vessel . Arrange the momo’s in the greased bamboo / iddli steamer .
  8. Close with a lid and steam for about 10 minutes or until cooked through . Serve hot immediately with hot momo sauce .

Ingredients Hot Momo sauce

RipeTomatoes3 big
Garlic flakes2
Dry red chillies8
Salt to taste


Method for momo sauce

  1. Blend the tomatoes that are at the bottom of the bamboo steamer vessel along with dry red chillies ,
  2. Garlic flakes and salt to taste to get a red coloured hot momo sauce .


  1. vegetarian’s can do the same by adding more quantity of vegetables avoiding the chicken .
  2. Ground Prawn also can be added instead of ground chicken
  3. You can add lesser red dry chillies to get a blander red momo sauce .
  4. You can store the steamed momo’s in  foil paper rolled around each momo individually and then packed in a zip lock cover and kept in the refrigerator . Steam the momo’s just before you want to serve .
  5. You can also boil the momo’s in boiling salted water dropping the momo’s one at a time ( 5 momos only ) and cook for about 10 minutes until they float on top . Drain and serve immediately .
  6. You can also sauté the cooked momo’s in little butter and serve .