Fruit Bavarian

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Preparation Time : 20 minutes

Cooking Time : 10 minutes + 2 hours  setting time in the refrigerator .

Serving : 6 members


Lovely dessert , to have during summer . I have made this dessert with mango and strawberries . We can use any fruit of the season Instead . I was very dum when it came to desserts . My sister fazeem has a special love towards puddings n sweets . It was her who actually got me to try a hand in desserts . Thanks to her that I know atleast something which is better than nothing .


Strawberries1smallbox(save a few to garnish )
gelatin3 teaspoons
milk 500 ml
sugar to taste
mango pulp1/2 cup
sugar1 1/2table spoons
water4 table spoons
corn flour1 tablespoon
vanilla essence 1 tea spoon
whipped cream1 cup ( extra a little to garnish )

  1. Mix strawberries ,sugar – 11/2tablespoons and water and cook till the strawberries are soft .cool and Blend  , should  Have 1/2cup pulp . Keep aside in the refrigerator .
  2. Soak gelatin in little water and double boil .keep aside till it gets to room temperature .
  3. Mix milk,corn flour,sugar to taste and vanilla essence and cook on medium. Heat for  ten minutes,stirring continuously making sure no lumps are formed till thick .add the gelatin mix to the milk custard and mix well .
  4. Divide the custard into 2 equal parts .cool one part and add the mango pulp,1/2 of cream.mix well and pour into individual pudding bowls or glasses .keep in fridge to set .
  5. Keep the remaining custard at room temperature in a warm water bath (bowl) to prevent it from setting .once the mango layer is set ,cool the remaining custard and add strawberry pulp and remaining cream .
  6. Mix well over a bowl of ice ,till it thickens and begins to set .
  7. Pour over the mango layer return to the refrigerator to set .
  8. Serve decorated with cream ,strawberry slices and mango slices .