Bread pizza muffins

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Preparation time : 10 minutes
Cooking time      :  8- 10 minutes
Serves                :  8 members


Reconstructing a dish by fusion method is so in now a days. This is very popular at up market restaurant’s and private parties. These sort of short eats have risen with the influence of foodies and world cuisine being experimented by all. The twist here is to be really clever in doing the fusion. I tried a fusion of pizza in a muffin tray with a million doubts in me when I had a friend visit me at home. They turned out super cool and looked so pretty. My friend Sheela loved the dish and made sure to ask for the recipe. The next day she made the same to entertain her guests at home. So the pizza muffin’s journey started immediately and now it’s all ready to hit your homes too.. Welcome it, make it and celebrate it in style.

Ingredients for the base

Bread12 slices
Milk1 and a 1/2 cups
Saltto taste
Whit pepperto taste ( optional )

Filling ingredients

Carrots1 big grated
Cabbagegrated 1/4 cup
Tomato1 big chopped
Onions1 big chopped
Capsicum1 big chopped
Saltto taste
Pepperto taste
Grated cheese4 cubes ( I used Amul )
Dried Oregano and basil1/2 teaspoon each
Red chilly flakesto taste

Other ingredients

Butter / oil- to grease1 teaspoon
Mozzarella cheesegrated to garnish 1/4 cup
Tomato sauceto dot 1/4 cup
Coriander leavesto garnish few

Equipments – Oven , Muffin tray


  • Preheat an oven for ten minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. Grease the muffin tray generously with butter or oil.
  • Mix all the ingredients together mentioned below the filling ingredients. Taste and adjust seasoning. Keep aside.
  • Mix milk, salt and pepper together. Dip each bread slice into the milk mixture. Remove and squeeze between your palms.
  • Spread the squeezed bread into the greased muffin tray debt and press to get an even cup shape. Do the same with all the bread slices.
  • Fill each bread cup with filling. Top with grated mozzarella cheese.
  • Bake in the preheated oven for eight to ten minutes. Remove from the oven and cool a bit for five minutes.
  • Remove the pizza muffins with the help of a sharp knife or a spoon. Dot with tomato sauce. Garnish with a coriander leaf. Serve in style and enjoy.


Non – vegetarian’s can add boiled chicken, mutton mince, prawn or fish to the filling.