Creamy quick pasta

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Preparation Time : 10 minutes

Cooking Time : 15 minutes

Serving : 5 members


Creamy quick pasta . Quite a bland pasta mostly apt and loved by children. The creaminess helps them to just run it down to their tummy soon , as you all know most of the children chew a lot more than swallowing . My sister-in-law vaseelas daughter binusha fathima is like another daughter to me. She was born exactly on the 100th day after my daughter ANISHA was born.(did you all take note of their names ending rhymeing with a sha)every holiday she would be at my place with both my kids. She was (and is also) terribly a skinny gal. My job was to mainly make her gain weight before she leaves. So i used to feed her and make sure that she eats well. You feed her one mouth full (she’s got an unbelieveably small mouth )and she will take atleast 8 to 10 minutes to swallow.First 3 minutes she will have the food in her mouth on the right side, next 3 minutes after i push with my finger into the middle of her mouth it goes to the opposite side.Another 3 minutes in the Center of her mouth and finally into her tummy.I would finish telling her atleast 6 stories by the time she eats her meal. I seriously wished if only she had a zip in her tummy, would have been so easy just to put the food inside and zip her up. We all would tease her saying even on her wedding , i will have to feed her. Well now she is blessed with a beautiful baby gal Liyana Aashik and she will learn the art of feeding her soon.


pasta 3 cups ( I have used cannelloni pasta here , you could use any pasta of your choice )
mushrooms1 cup sliced
onion 1 chopped
salt to taste
pepper to taste
milk1 cup
flour 2 tablespoons
oil1 tablespoon


  1. Boil the pasta in hot boiling salted water it cooked through . Drain , rinse in cold water and set aside .
  2. Heat a non – stick heavy bottomed pan with oil . Add 1 crushed garlic ( optional ) , onion and mushroom and saute till the mushrooms release water first and then reduce the water released to get a dry consistency mixture and the mushrooms are cooked .
  3. Add flour , simmer the flame and mix well . Stirring continuously pour milk little by little and bring to boil till you get a semi thick creamy sauce . Season with salt and pepper .
  4. Taste and adjust adding the boiled pasta . Mix well making sure the sauce has coated well all around the pasta .
  5. Add a teaspoon of butter ( optional ) . Toss well . Serve hot with grated cheese on top .