Hyderabad lukme

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Preparation time     : 40 minutes
Cooking time          : 20 minutes
Serves                    : 6 members


This Hyderabad version of the mince samosa made me raise my eyebrows when I first got to see it in made in a television show. From then it was added to my to try list and only recently did I take the efforts of fulfilling it. Made with cupboard friendly ingredients with just the folding of the samosas being a tedious job. All that hard work sure flies away when you bite into the lukme with the fatty mince in it. A must try snack that sure will be added to your regulars at home.

Ingredients for the lukme cover

Flour / maida1 cup
Wheat flour / atta1 tablespoon
Semolina3 tablespoons
Salt to taste
Oil1 tablespoon
Waterlittle as required

Method for lukme cover

  • Mix flour, wheat flour, semolina, salt to taste and oil together. Sprinkle water and knead to get a smooth and tight dough for ten minutes. Keep covered for 1/2 an hour.
  • After 30 minutes knead the dough once again for five minutes. Roll into equal lemon size balls.

Ingredients for the filling

Mutton mince1/4 kg
Onion1 chopped
Green chillies1 chopped
Ginger and garlic paste1/2 tablespoon
Red chilly powder1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder1/4 teaspoon
Lemon juice1 tablespoon

Method for filling

  • Marinate mutton mince with red chilly powder, ginger and garlic paste, turmeric powder and salt to taste for 1/2 an hour. Pressure cook for one whistle with out water . Boil and reduce the water in the mutton mince to get a dry consistency mutton mince mixture.
  • Heat oil, add onion and green chillies. Sauté to golden. Add the cooked dry mutton mince and mix well to combine in low heat for five minutes. Remove from heat. Cool completely. Add the lemon juice. Mix well . Check seasoning and keep aside.

Other ingredients

Oilto deep fry
Flourto dust

How to proceed

  • Roll out the lemon size balls to a big circle. Cut the circle with the help of a sharp knife into equal three portions.
  • Place one tablespoon full of mutton mince on to one cut portion in the middle. Bring both sides of the cut dough towards the centre over lapping the mutton mince to get a triangle shape. Wet the edges with water and stick together keeping the filing inside intact.
  • Do the same to all the dough and mutton mince.
  • Heat oil to deep fry. Drop the lukme in batches and deep fry to golden and crisp. Drain and serve hot with curd, coriander chutney and tomato sauce.