Mango parfait

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Preparation time : 30 minutes
Cooking time      : Nil
Serves                : 6 members


Ripe Mango is my favourite fruit and I guess it must be the same with most of us Indians. As I was making this mango parfait i cut open a ripe mango to see its spoilt from inside. This took me back to an incident at boarding school where we were always served a fruit of the season ( watermelon, guava, grapes, mangoes etc ..) after our lunch. On one such lunch afternoon we all get to see ripe whole mangoes served in our plates. We all were excited and smiles. My friend sulu exchanged a small looking ripe mango which was in my other friend Sindhu’s plate with a big ripe mango that was placed in another girls plate beside her’s. Myself and sulu finished our lunch early and were relishing our mango treat for the day. As we were in the verge of finishing our mangoes, Sindhu takes her ripe mango and bites in to see her share is spoilt. It was an “oops” moment where we could not share ours as sulu and myself had just finished our share’s. Sindhu was in fumes as the girl beside her was relishing her mango ( the one that Sindhu had on her plate originally) and was nearly in tears. Sulu and myself didn’t know what to do. Back then it was the worst thing that could happen to one of us but now we talk about it and laugh our guts out. It’s funny to realise , the most heart breaking things back then is nothing at all now. I guess it’s the regular cycle of life which goes on and on ….


Ripe Mango pulp1 cup
Ripe Mango2 chopped
Whipped cream2 cups
Condensed milk1/4cup
Vanilla essence1/4 teaspoon
Vanilla sponge cake1 loaf
Sugar1/4 cup
White chocolate1 cup crushed


  • Mix mango pulp and sugar together.
  • cut the vanilla cake to round shape that can fit into a pudding glass.
  • whip cream to stiff peaks. Add condensed milk, vanilla essence, white chocolate and mango pulp. Mix gently.
  • Place the round vanilla cake in the bottom. Top with chopped mangoes. Then pipe in the whipped cream mix. Once again layer with chopped mangoes and top with whipped cream mix. Do the same to all the whipped cream, chopped mangoes and vanilla cake.
  • Decorate with chopped mangoes and chill in the refrigerator until to be served.